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Fluid mixing machine solutions

L TYPE (for Non abrasive products)

Power Shear L type high shear mixers are designed and manufactured to incorporate the twin shear and use of a bottom bearing for shaft support which allows for very close tolerance between the rota stater to give a intense shearing with energy efficiency.

Easily fitted interchangeable twin shear stater's with either standard general purpose heads or combination smaller holes to give more finer finishes.

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UN1L3 2880 1 or 3 1.1
UN2L3 2 2880 3 1.5
UN5L3 (as shown) 5 2880 3 4
UN7.5L3 2880 3 5.5
UN10L3 10 2880 3 7.5
UN20L3 20 2880 3 15
UN25L3 25 2880 3 18.5
UN30L3 30 2880 3 22

S Type (for abrasive products)

Power Shear S-Type High Shear Mixer range are designed and manufactured to incorporate the twin shear but have no bottom bearing.
The bearing is fitted into a top bearing housing close to the electric motor.
This allows the drive shaft from the coupling through the bearing within the housing which is calculated to give maximum rigidity to the shaft without excessive flexing.
Increased efficiency is given to the shaft by even pressure build up within the rota stator shear mixer system acting like a fluid bearing.

This high shear mixer design set up with the bush bearing out of the product allows the mixer to handle more abrasive products with out the concern of changing bushes on a regular basis and keeps maintenance down to a bear minimum.

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UN1S3 2880 3 1.1
UN2S15 2 1440 3 1.5
UN5.5S15 5.5 1440 3 4
UN7.5S15 1440 3 5.5
UN10S15 10 1440 3 7.5
UN20S15 20 1440 3 15
UN30S15 30 1440 3
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Mixer and powered Lift Units

Power Shear offers a range of powered lift units for their high shear mixers and agitators.

These lift units can be either pneumatic or hydraulically powered for raise and fall.

Further options can be fitted are stainless steel lids and limit switches which will work

in conjunction with the mixing vessel. The mixer then only works when;

  1. A) Mixing vessel in place and secured in a yoke.
  2. B) Mixer/carriage/Lid is down on vessel lid and mixer is well within vessel.

At this point the mixer will work.

If mixer lifted at any point, mixer will switch off.

This machine can be offered with ATEX certification.

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Need a Bespoke Solution?

At Powershear Mixers we design and build custom high shear mixers to match you requirements.

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