High Shear Mixers by Power Shear Mixers 
Power Shear mixers have over 40 years experience in the consultancy and manufacture of high shear mixers and ancillary equipment. The company design of twin shear rota /stator system is incorporated into all its high shear mixer which includes the top entry high shear mixers bottom entry high shear mixers and finally inline high shear mixers.Twin Shear Rota
The rota stator twin shear design is to pull the product in from the top through the 1st set of holes and back underneath through the 2nd row of holes. This gives a number 8 mixing cycle and maximum enificient in mixing.

Power Shear offer further ancillary equipment includedTopEntryMixer

  • Mixer lift units
  • Turbine mixers
  • Mixing vessels
  • Complete mixing Solutions

Power Shear works in a variety of industries including;
Food manufacture, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, paint and the ceramic industry.
The company prides it self on maintaining long standing relationships with old customers and offers new customer test equipment for trials on their products so to work in close co operation for engineering high shear mixing solutions for their own mixing application.

Sales Engineer and demonstration mixer available on request.

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