Eccentric Worm-Drive Pumps

Power Shear Mixers eccentric worm-drive pumps cover a wide range of viscosities from liquid media such as mineral oils to stiff media such as filling compounds. A special advantage is the extremely gentle transport which is necessary especially for shear-sensitive media. In accordance with the specific requirements, Power Shear Mixers provides industrial types as well as Pharma, Food and Cosmetic versions. Moreover, these pumps are available in the most varied designs, e. g.: horizontal/ vertical, running clockwise or anti-clockwise, with explosion protection, with 3A certification and as Power Shear Mixers food version 3. Various three-phase a.c., collector and compressed-air motors are available as drive motors. Moreover, Power Shear Mixers has developed the VISCOFLUX drum emptying system to transfer highly viscous media.