Non Abrasive Mixers (L Type)

High Shear Mixer 01

Power Shear L type high shear mixers are designed and manufactured
to incorporate the twin shear and use of a bottom bearing for shaft support
which allows for very close tolerance between the rota stator to give a
intense shearing with energy efficiency.

Easily fitted interchangeable twin shear stators with either standard
general purpose heads or combination smaller holes to give more
finer finishes.

Power Shear Lift Unit

Power Shear Lift Unit

Ask for a L type high shear mixer test.
High Shear Mixer 02

Type HP R.P.M. Phases kW Low/Medium/Viscosity Low Abrasive
UN1L3 PRODUCTION 2880 1 or 3 1.1
UN2L3 2 3 1.5
UN5L3 5 3 4
UN7.5L3 3 5.5
UN1OL3 10 3 7.5
UN2OL3 20 3 15
UN25L3 25 3 18.5
UN3OL3 30 3 22