In Line Bottom Entry Mixers

In-line mixing with the unique single rotor system that shears with a positive no 
by-pass stator ensuring excellent intensive mixing on a continuous basis, with the addition of any number of components to produce excellent smooth emulsions, dispersions, precipitations, creams, blendings etc.

A range of interchangeable staors are offered to suit various applications. Construction is such that removal and interchange of stators, is very quick and easy. There is no need to remove motor from mixing unit.

The design is such that once primed the online mixer will self pump without the
assistance of an additional pump. If in the case, the flow rate proves excessive,
flow control can be obtained by the utilisation of a restrictor valve to the discharge
side of the mixer, without adverse effect to the machine’s performance.

Model Type HP R.P.M. Phases Inlet &Outlet Viscosities Seals Seals
ON 2 DS PRODUCTION 2 2880 3 1.5” /38mm Low to Medium Single Seal Single Seal External Double
ON 3 DS 3 3 1.5” /38mm Non Abrasive Seals Abrasive.
0N5.5DS 5 5 3 2” /50mm
0N7.5DS 7.5 3 2” /50mm
ON 1ODS 10 3 2” /50mm
ON 2ODS 20 3 3″ /75mm
ON 3ODS 30 3 3″ /75mm

UNBE Powershear range are designed to work in close proximity with anchor, gate, turbine, propellor and contra-rotating mixers giving maximum shear forces on material being mixed. Pulling from the heart and bottom of the material, eliminating dead areas of flow.

The upstanding design allows anchor or contra-rotating mixing blades to run very close to the two or three frame arm supports, reducing the doughnut ring effect that is created by larger gaps in sweeping blades, and effectively improving heating/cooling effect where jacketed vessels are employed.

They also help for efficient c.i.p on wash down at the conclusion of batch cycle.

Model Speed Single Seal Double Seals Explosion Proof Mountings To Specification KW HP Cycles
UN2BM 2880 R.P.M. 1.5 2 50 HZ
UN5.5BM 4 5.5
UN1OBM 7.5 10
UN15BM 11.5 15
UN2OBM 15 20
UN25BM 18.5 25
1JN3OBM 22 30