Abrasive Mixers (S Type)

UN5515 (4 Kw 1480 RPM) Inc. Hand Operated Hydraulic Stand

UN5515 (4 Kw 1480 RPM)
Inc. Hand Operated Hydraulic Stand

Power Shear S-Type High Shear Mixer range are designed and manufactured to incorporate
the twin shear but have no bottom bearing.
The bearing is fitted into a top bearing housing close to the electric motor.
This allows the drive shaft from the coupling through the bearing within the housing which is calculated
to give maximum rigidity to the shaft without excessive flexing.
Increased efficiency is given to the shaft by even pressure build up within the rota stator shear mixer system
acting like a fluid bearing.

This high shear mixer design set up with the bush bearing out of the product allows the mixer to handle more
abrasive products with out the concern of changing bushes on a regular basis and keeps maintenance
down to a bear minimum.

S-Type Power Shear Mixer

S-Type Power Shear Mixer

Model Type HP R.P.M. Phases kW Medium/High Viscosity High Abrasive Without bottom bearing
UN1S3 PRODUCTION 1.5 2880 3 1.1
UN2S15 2 1440 3 1.5
UN5.5S15 5.5 3 4
UN7.5S15 7.5 3 5.5
UN1OS15 10 3 7.5
UN2OS15 20 3 15
UN3OS15 30 3

The main benefit of this design is that no bearing is used within the product. Machines are cost saving, having unit construction allowing for simple maintenance and parts replacement.